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Schertler Stat B Set

  • $66600

Bass transducer (Swiss made)
The Schertler Electrostatic pickup is acclaimed by those who use it as producing the most natural sound of any pickup they've tried.The pizz sound is very acoustic, and the arco sound is natural and useable as well.
It is ideal for Rock, fusion or jazz

Mounting the STAT B SET transducer couldn’t be easier as can be fitted and removed in seconds. The heart of the transducer capsule is made of cork, which can be formed with simple sanding paper to fit the cutaways in the bridge of the instrument. The signal is transmitted by means of an RCA connector, which is secured to the bridge by means of a special clip.
The unit is a complete system including Stat-pre preamp and special cable to connect pickup and preamp. No other out-board electronics are required.

The Stat-pre preamp is powered by a 9v battery and has adjustable volume control. 
12 month warranty

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