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K and K Violinissimo violin pickup

  • $27300

Violin transducer
The Violinissimo consists of three of pickup heads: The two bigger heads are wedged between the violin's top and each bridge foot. The third smaller head is stuck into one wingslot of the bridge.

The position underneath the bridge's feet produces an extremely voluminous and smooth sound because the bridge applies vertical pressure to the piezo crystals. In this spot, the low frequencies and the sound elements of the violin's corpus are picked up. The pickup in the bridge's wing slot adds to the sound's brilliance. All three transducers together transmit a perfectly balanced violin sound. The exaggeration of the high-end frequencies, which are jeopardized with other violin pickups, is eliminated directly at the sound source when using the Violinissimo.

The jack is attached to the string holder with a velcro-type adhesive system, which is distinctively stronger, more durable, and sturdier than standard Velcro. It can be opened and closed repeatedly without affecting the pickup transmission. The Violinissimo has been designed for musicians who mainly want to amplify their instruments electronically and who wish to achieve an extraordinary natural sound without feedback.


Also Available

Violinissimo Pro
The Violinissimo is also available as the Violinissimo Pro with a 1/4" carpenter jack that clamps onto the bottom/side of the instrument. Please note this carpenter jack is too small for violas. We can substitute a larger clamp for violas on special request.

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