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Flight Case for Double Bass

  • $1,24800

PMM Flight Case
for 3/4 size double bass

quality flight case suited for 3/4(+) size upright bass. Made of high impact 3cm sponge styrofoam and Oxford cloth surface, (similar to cello cases). This is a very strong case and has the advantage that it is also very light for size - only 9.6 kg! This makes it ideal for air travel in USA where new excess weight rule enforcement ban heavy fibreglass cases in some airlines.
The case has wheels so that rolling it along is simply a matter of leaning the case towards you and pushing or pulling it. NOTE: the wheels on these cases are fully recessed so do not knock off the case the first time you ship it! (see photo on right)

It has pockets for manuscript, leads etc and internal storage for leads, resin and 2 bows.
multiple handles make maneuvering the case a breeze even for a small person
This is the safest way to transport your bass on an airplane or truck. It is still light and easy to handle, but even if it falls over the bass will be unharmed. Actually less likely to be harmed with this case than a fibreglass case!

light weight but strong styrofoam construction
compact wheels
strong carry handles plus handles on shoulders for ease of wheeling case
1 zip pocket
internal pocket (under neck)
2 bow holders
Hygrometer built in
made in South Korea

Made especially to order in South Korea for superior quality control (we can also supply a cheaper Chinese made case but most are not a universal fit and are suitable for a very limited range of basses, This case is of much better manufacture standard and is a universal fit case suiting a wider range of basses.

please contact us for an estimate of shipping costs to your area

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New Stock Arriving September

 A= 24cm: B=22cm: C=203cm:D+F = 66cm:E=16cm:F=20cm:G=120cm +7cm for peg: H=54cm:I=43cm:J=68cm:K=197.5cm

Customer Comments:

Dear Pete,
The case arrived yesterday. The bass suits very well! Thank you very much. Total weight is 20kg!!! Splendid!
all the best,
Tom Davaere

Dear Pete,
The case has arrived and I have collected it from the shipper. I am
very very happy. Thanks very much. You have a life long customer.
Happy holidays and kindest regards,

Hello Pete,
finally we got it today 2 month exactly.
We are very happy.
Thank you!
Sending you an attachment where Simon with case and Simon on the
cover of Juilliard School Booklet.
V ladimir (USA)

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