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Eurosonic String Set

Eurosonic String Set

  • $39850

Ultra Light Tension strings
Ideal for Jazz, Rock a Billy and Bluegrass players
"First is the inner core which is a braided cord consisting of steel and silk. Silk is the key to the low tension, gut like tones and the steel adds tuning and intonation stability while adding the ability to work with magnetic pickups. This cord is then tightly wrapped with a blend of non-ferrous and noble metals (copper, nickel, zinc, tungsten, etc.). Finally, they are wrapped with a specially shaped and ground polymer with no color additives giving Eurosonic’s a unique, almost translucent look. Eurosonic Bass Strings have a gauge that is comparable to many old gut strings (new gut strings are MUCH thicker as they have not yet stretched)."
Set for 3/4 size bass

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