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Wilson K4 Pickup - Used

  • $80000

Used Wilson K4 pickup
as new condition

specs below

These are $1300 new so good buying at this price
PMM can arrange fitting to your bass bridge


The Wilson K-Pick-up amplifies each individual string on your double bass, covering the frequency range from below the low B/C-string up through the harmonics, overtones and further, beyond the audible capacities of the human ear.
Testimonials from famous bass players worldwide proves the outstanding high qulity of the sound you will get from you double bass amplified with a Wilson Pick-up System. 
By simply rotating a Pick-up slightly you can adjust the volume level of each string individually - making the perfect balance between the output from your strings. A feature not covered by any competitor.

The Wilson Pick-up System has quite a few assets to offer: 
Available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 element sizes to suit budget and instrument design 
It gives a realistic, close to perfect, acoustic sound. 
It allows each string to be individually volume adjusted by simply rotating the Pick-up in its mount. 
It is accurate and completely linear in all registers. 
It has the same effect when played by pizz and arco. 
It is connected directly to an amplifier. No pre-amp needed. 
It is easily built into the bridge as an active part of the bass itself. 
It’s position close to the strings captures the body signal in the sound production. 
It has a frequency response of 25Hz to 30 kHz - and even beyond. 
Each pickup comes with tools required for fitting 
The craftmanship of the Wilson Pickups is uncompromised. Each Pickup is handmade in Denmark and thoroughly tested for mechanical tolerance, insulating resistance and frequency response.

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