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Schertler Basik Pickup

  • $33500

Schertler Basik
for acoustic Instruments

The contact pick-up for all stringed instruments. It can be used with no limitations on guitars, violins, cellos, mandolins, ethnic instruments, etc., but also on percussions and, to a limited degree, even on pianos and double basses. Simply apply the special kit supplied, and BASIK will convey the body vibrations with high precision producing a natural acoustic sound. Using the Phantom adapter supplied, the active pick-up BASIK can be connected to a mixer or to an acoustic amplifier input with Phantom power, or directly to a SCHERTLER amplifier (DAVID or UNICO) (STAT input). Its user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness make BASIK the ideal acoustic pick-up for beginners.
The Basik simply adheres to a variety of acoustic instruments for instant amplification
without harming the instruments finish.
Especially suitable for recording situation, some instruments include Violin, Cello, Viola, Harp, Sitar, Irish Percussion instruments

Basik Pro including phantom power adapter for most acoustic instruments

Also available as Basik Set with alternative 1.5v battery powered phantom adaptor (for situations where you do not have phantom power on PA desk or amplifier)

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