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Phil Jones Briefcase Ultimate BG200

  • $2,39900

Briefcase Ultimate (BG-200)
A Versatile High-end Amp with a Battery Option
PJB has boosted the standard Briefcase’s already stellar performance. The BG-200 amp has all the bells and whistles of the original Briefcase, along with an extra boost of power!

In order for the two 5″ speakers to handle the boosted 150 watts, PJB had to design a completely new 5″ driver. This new speaker not only has a larger and more efficient motor (it is 2 dB louder!), it also has better high and low frequency performance.

PJB changed out the vent and replaced it with the “RALFR” technology from the Double 4 BG-75. The result is richer, deeper, more tuneful and organic bass.

(1) Master Vol. Control (2) 5-BAND Graphic EQ (3) Compressor Level Control (4) Clip Indicator (5) Compressor On/Off Switch (6) Passive/ Active Changing-Over Switch (7) Input Jack (8) Headphone (9) LED Power Indicator (10) Power On/Off Switch

(1) AC Power Socket / Fuse (2) AC Power Voltage Selector (3) 12V Battery Charging Socket (4) Fuse (5) Preamp. output jack (6) Speaker Jack (7) D.I. Out (8) Internal Battery for Output Fuse (9) 12V Battery Input Terminal (10) Internal Battery Input Terminal (11) Internal Battery Connection Link (12) Speaker Jack

Model BG-200
Power Output 150 W (RMS) 200W with ext. speaker
Speaker 2″ x 5” Custom Piranha Type C Loudspeaker
EQ 5-BAND Graphic EQ
Input Passive / Active Changing-Over Switch
Output Line Out, Speakser Out, D.I. Out
Other Preamp. output jack, Headphone Out, COMPRESSOR & LIMITER with ON/OFF Switch, Battery (connected)
Power 110/220V AC
Dimension (W x D x H) 6.7×17.3×15.5 inch / 170×440×394 mm
Weight 31 lbs / 14.1 kg
Color Black, Red


Pete McGregor Music are really pleased to be able to offer New Zealand Bass Players the Phil Jones bass range of bass amplification.
These are outstanding products. The realism of the reproduction of your instrument has to be heard to be believed - they sound just like your instrument!
PJB use multiple very small very sophistocated speakers in each amp. We like it because they are so responsive - no lazy big 15inch speakers from these boys! But you still get a really great big fat sound.
And really light weight to carry.
All PJB products carry a 24 month warranty

Customer Comments:
Hello Pete. I received the PJB Briefcase amp that I ordered.
It sounds fantastic and I can't believe how solid the bass sounds
despite the size of the amp.
Also your service was first-rate so overall thank you very much for
the business.



Hi Pete,
This amp is unbelieveable - how can they get so much from 2 little speakers? Took it to a gig on Wednesday to see how it would cope - expected to have to use my GK but the PJB was absolutely amazing - this was a pub gig and only had to run it at about half throttle. Have also tried running it on a battery (which is the main reason I want it) and it performs perfectly.
On the strength of all that you can go ahead and process my payment - would also like to get the cover that you mention in the email.
Thanks once again.
Cheers, Terry Crayford

Hi Pete, Thanks for the Amp. Works great!! Do you know any Bass players here I can hook up with, I've been in N.Z. for a few months only. Cheers, Chris Chaplin, Whangarei.

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