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K & K Pure Piano pickup for piano

K & K Pure Piano pickup for piano

  • $28000

Pure Piano
Many piano players have approached us over the years asking for a special piano transducer. Now we are finally proud to present our special quick-mount system for piano and grand piano, the K&K Pure Piano The Pure Piano consists of three transducer heads, each one of them tailor-made to fit their defined frequency range. The system was developed in cooperation with the renowned German piano manufacturer Seiler Pianos. For several years, Seiler had used K&K transducers for their instruments, installing them primarily with their Showmaster Grand Piano, which is played by numerous well-know bands and orchestras.

The special features of the new Pure Piano system guarantee an impressively natural, clean, and balanced sound as well as a quick installation. The Pure Piano delivers a high output volume and exquisite frequency range. Each of the three transducer heads has been specifically processed to fit the bass, mid, and descant tone ranges. This is especially important in order to avoid an exaggerated hammer-sound in the high keys. The three pickup discs are connected to a sturdy studio quality metal jack to ensure reliable contact over a long period of time. With the Pure Piano, clean and separate transmission is provided for any piano or grand piano, be it on stage or in the studio.

Technical Information
Diameter transducer heads: 1 x 1/2". 2 x 3/4"
Transducers head height: 1/32"
Impedance: High ohmic
Output: Quarter inch

Pete McGregor Music bass shop is sole New Zealand agent for the
K & K Pure Piano system

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