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Dr Mortons Miraculous Scale Fingerings

Dr Mortons Miraculous Scale Fingerings

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by Mark Morton
Arranges the twelve key centers in ascending chromatic order from E to E-flat. Each key includes major, natural minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor, chromatic, whole-tone, diminished, and what Dr. Morton calls major pentatonic, and minor pentatonic scales. Many of these scales will be of particular interest to jazz players. Because there are three complete octaves in every key available on double basses with a fingerboard of average length, each scale type is presented in three one-octave, two two-octave, (the middle octave is included in two-octave scales), and one three-octave scale. Every note in this book has a fingering indication. Notes requiring a shift are notated with a large, bold number. Notes in position are notated with a small, fine number. The preface includes suggestions regarding rhythm and bowing, but the player is free to play them at any speed, any octave(s), any rhythm, or any bowing. These scale fingerings may be too difficult for novice players, and it is recommended they begin with the Primer.

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