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David Gage Realist Soundclip

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David Gage Realist SoundClip
The Realist SoundClip is the newest innovation from Ned Steinberger and David Gage. The Realist SoundClip clamps easily on to the bridge of any string bass, without marking or damaging. Clamping allows it to be added to or removed from any bass, at any time without hassle. Great for travelling bassists or for those who want a pick-up only when they are using an amp.

The SoundClip sports features that are not found on any other pick-up. The on-board volume knob gives the player full control to adjust output on the spot. Innovative variable weight system helps you contour tone. The SoundClip is fully adaptable to all basses and playing situations.
12 month warranty


Customer Comments:
Hi Pete
The Sound Clip arrived yesterday and I have been having a play this morning. I’m very happy with the pickup. I had the chance to try an Underwood on my bass prior to this but found it to produce too much string noise for my taste, especially when I am dampening open strings with my left hand. So for me, the Sound Clip is great and so adjustable.
Best regards
Ian Macdiarmid

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