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Acoustic Image Corus Series 4 Plus RUNOUT PRICE

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Corus Series 4+ was designed to meet the demands of guitaristists, keyboard players and other instrumentalists who wanted AI sound, but with a somewhat more “forward” character. To achieve this, a different crossover and woofer were used (compared to a Coda+) to trade off bass extension below 60 Hz for greater volume and mid-range projection. As a result, Corus+ allows players who are prepared to trade off some bass extension to enjoy the many benefits of a downfiring woofer (more natural sound, a broader soundstage, etc.) while being heard more forcefully out front.

While most guitarists, keyboardists, violinists, etc. select Corus+, some continue to prefer Coda+ for its more laid back presentation and deeper bass presence. In addition, some cellists and bassists choose Corus+ over Coda+ because the sound happens to better suit their ear. With all Acoustic Image amplifiers delivering a broad frequency range of high fidelity sound, product selection is a matter of personal preference

At 800W into 4 ohms, Corus will play surprisingly loud without distortion and is more than adequate for the vast majority of rooms. In addition, it offers a direct out to tie into the PA for large venues. But when truly big volume is needed from the amp, addition of a Corus EX extension speaker increases both power and coverage dramatically. Plus, the head is removable so that it can be used with a larger speaker system to get even more volume when required.

A Corus EX also takes the Corus series 4+ sound for guitar and violin from transparent to truly holographic. In addition, guitarist/vocalists who also use the Corus+ as a PA may want an extension cab for greater coverage in mid-size venues.

A built-in lifter mechanism allows the cabinet to be tilted to better direct sound to the player's listening position

Acoustic Guitar
Violin Cello

Corus series 4 + Features:
Different crossover, woofer deliver more forward sound, slightly less bass response than Coda+. Otherwise, offers the same features.
Designed for guitar, keyboards and other higher-voiced instruments but preferred by some bassists (See FAQs below)
Two identical channels that can be mixed to one mono output, or output as separate (stereo) channels. Per channel features:
o Separately buffered XLR and ¼ inch inputs (replaces combo jack in Series 4)
o Full 48V phantom power (switchable) for XLR inputs
o Switchable 10 dB gain boost for low output mics
o -6 dB front end gain option (user selectable with circuit board jumper)—new feature
o Input level and master level controls
o 4 band tone control section (low, low mid, hi mid, high)—replaces 3 band controls in Series 4
o Switchable phase reverse
 Can be converted to speaker emulation filter (user selectable with circuit board jumper)—new feature
o Selectable and sweepable low cut filter (150 Hz and below)—more precise filter than in Series 4
o Effects loop with send and return
 Return can be used an aux input
 Send can be used as a tuner output
o Selectable effects with wet/dry mix control and variable rate control (new programs, variable rate control is a new feature)
 Reverb with variable decay time (room to hall)
 Delay with variable delay time
 Delay/Reverb with variable delay time
o All selector switches are illuminated when on to give instant configuration information (new feature)
• Direct out with pre/post EQ selection, switchable 10 dB pad and selectable ground lift (10 dB pad is a new feature)
• Mono or stereo ¼ inch output (user selectable with circuit board jumper)—new feature
• Headphone output (1/8 inch)—the 1/8 inch jack replaces a ¼ inch jack in Series 4
• Switchable limiter
• Simulated stereo effects—pseudo stereo (one input---simulated stereo output)—new feature
o Requires a second powered cabinet
• Exceptional high fidelity performance
o 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.5 dB frequency response
o Signal to noise ratio greater than 110 dB at direct out—15 dB better than Series 4
o Low output distortion, high input clipping level due to use of split power supply—10 dB more headroom than Series 4
o Compatible with all instruments
Comes with a fitted slip cover with cord storage pocket and shoulder strap
Weighs Just 10kg
Matched Extension Cabinet Available
Corus EX
fantastic manufacturer's warranty

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